Thursday, 3 March 2011

My first blog...

My kitchen

My kitchen is the kind of place where there is not only a cooker and a constantly boiling kettle but a sofa and toys and invariably a dog. My kitchen is what you would call a “family room.” This is the place where we play, eat, talk and generally spend most of my time.
Being of the creative persuasion I like to divide my time between making preserves and crafting. I will just about put anything into a jar given half a chance. As my family and friends will testify there is always a constant stream of boiling liquids in Kezabell's Kitchen. However, it’s not just jams and pickles that get cooked up here. There is also a good variety of cakes, biscuits and sweets and last Christmas I even made some soap. (Instructions to follow).


  1. The cupcakes were just to die for at Becky and Liams wedding.
    So good for you! Go for it. You have a natural talent. Unfortunately, we cant taste being in the USA!!!
    Good luck with your venture

    Geraldine Looker

  2. Thanks for the support Geraldine. It was a magical day.